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2024/06/25 Victor Reinz® Certificate of Authenticity: New 'Dana Secure' Label Gives Customers 100% Protection From Counterfeit Products

Dana Neu-Ulm, Germany, is now providing buyers of Victor Reinz® brand products with even more effective protection from product piracy and counterfeits. Product authenticity can be verified quickly and easily thanks to a new 'Dana Secure' label. This comprises a single QR code with an integrated hologram containing a unique digital fingerprint.

2024/01/10 The Camera's Running: Reliably Replace Integrated Oil Seals With Victoria

Beloved in automotive workshops across the world, the Victoria’s Practical Tips series of videos from Victor Reinz® is getting a new installment. In the latest episode of the passenger car edition, mechatronics technician Victoria gives a step-by-step demonstration of how to remove and install an integrated oil seal in the housing. The video can be accessed free of charge via the Victor Reinz website at and on the Victor Reinz YouTube channel.

2023/10/17 From Toyota to Subaru: 800 different Cylinder-head Gaskets for Models from Asia

The aftermarket range from Victor Reinz now lists roughly 800 different cylinder-head gaskets for automobiles from Asia. As such, Victor Reinz® offers the right cylinder-head gaskets and gasket sets for nearly 95 percent of all models made in Asia. REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH, a subsidiary of Dana Incorporated based in Neu-Ulm, Germany, ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of service parts in this segment. And Victor Reinz is soon to expand its range of spare parts for the Asian market even further.

2022/08/29 Pit Stop in Frankfurt: Dana Displays Victor Reinz®, Spicer®, and Glaser® Products Together at Automechanika 2022

Dana will be highlighting its high torque and extreme pressure aftermarket solutions at Automechanika in Frankfurt am Main from Sept. 13-17, 2022. The focus will be on the Victor Reinz®, Spicer®, and Glaser® brands.

2022/08/29 REINZOSIL 2.0 Universal Sealing Compound: Shelf Life doubled, short-term Peak Temperature increased and Sensor Safe

REINZOSIL, one of the world’s most successful universal sealing compounds for automotive use, is being enhanced further. The new formula doubles the minimum shelf life from 12 to 24 months. The short-term peak temperature is being increased from +300 to +320°C. Tests have also confirmed that REINZOSIL is sensor safe.

2022/02/07 Updates for Victor Reinz® PDF Catalogs

First presented in December 2021 and, as announced, the first update is already coming out: The new interactive Victor Reinz® PDF catalogs will be updated on a quarterly basis starting March 1, 2022. Dana is replacing all 58 PDFs and putting the new versions with all updates for Victor Reinz brand spare parts online. The new parts are highlighted in blue and marked with the button “NEW.”

2022/02/07 News from Victor Reinz® at a Glance: in TecDoc

What’s new from Victor Reinz® in TecDoc? The report function gives Dana customers an overview of all the new Victor Reinz® brand spare parts in TecDoc.

2022/02/07 Premier Data Supplier: Top information and Results for Victor Reinz® Customers searching for Spare Parts thanks to TecDoc

The TecDoc Catalog from TecAlliance is the world’s leading catalog for automotive aftermarket. In it, customers can find spare parts for more than 900 brands and over 160,000 types of vehicles. Dana’s Victor Reinz® brand is currently represented by roughly 17,000 parts in the TecDoc product catalog.

2021/12/16 New for Victor Reinz®: Interactive PDF catalogs with product images in color

In response to numerous customer requests, Dana has published once more a PDF catalog for the aftermarket for the Victor Reinz® brand. To be precise, there are 58 interactive PDF catalogs: one comprehensive catalog each for the passenger car and truck segment as well as 42 passenger car and 12 truck brand catalogs. Altogether, the product range comprises 16,500 spare parts of the Victor Reinz brand. The free PDF catalogs are updated quarterly.

2021/06/23 The Ultimate Discipline: Video Tutorial on Replacing a Truck Cylinder-head Gasket

The 7th episode of the 2nd season of "Victoria's Practical Tips" deals with the ultimate discipline – replacing a cylinder-head gasket. The assembly video produced by Victor Reinz® gives a detailed overview of the critical disassembly and assembly steps.

2020/08/16 100 Years Dedicated to Mobility: Dana Celebrates Victor Reinz® Sealing Technology Anniversary

Dana Incorporated is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the historic REINZ brand, which was joined with Victor in 1993 to create the well-known Victor Reinz® brand of today. The name REINZ stands for German automotive history. A century ago, Hugo Reinz helped to lay the foundations for one of the largest international automotive suppliers of today. Founded in 1920 in Berlin, at a time when automobiles were still rare on the streets, the former Hugo Reinz GmbH started its first business year.

2020/08/13 Victoria’s Practical Tips:Video Tutorials made by Victor Reinz® – Now for Trucks!

Hot on the heels of its successful video tutorials for passenger cars, Dana is launching a new series specifically for commercial vehicles. The videos demonstrate the proper installation of replacement truck parts from Victor Reinz®. Like in the car series before it, the new series stars mechatronics technician Victoria, hence the title “Victoria’s Practical Tips”.