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Victor Reinz® now gives you more effective protection from product piracy and forgery than ever before. 100% in fact.

The new Dana Secure label makes it quick and easy to verify product authenticity. The basis for the label is made up of a serialized QR code with an integrated hologram containing a unique digital fingerprint.

Scanning the QR code with the Dana Secure App for smartphones immediately shows you whether the product is an original product from Victor Reinz or a counterfeit. Authentication is reliable, since there is no way to copy the QR code as well as the fingerprint.

The label is applied to the original packaging and, for our range of sealing compounds, directly to the product itself.

Dana Secure Sticker
Extra protection of the Just Seal It range thanks to a serialized QR code and security hologram

Dana Secure Label
Certification of authenticity through serialized QR code in conjunction with security hologram

Download Dana Secure App

The Dana Secure App: More Than Just an Authenticity Check

The Dana Secure label offers further advantages beyond authenticity verification.

The Dana Secure App gives you direct access to detailed product and technical service information as well as installation instructions for replacement parts. Further links lead to the Victor Reinz digital product catalog and TecDoc.

You can also get updates on the Victor Reinz newsletter via the app and visit the Victor Reinz website, download safety data sheets, follow social media channels and much more.

Dana Neu-Ulm refrains from printing product information on paper wherever possible and as such the Dana Secure App provides all relevant information up-to-date and online.

How Does the Dana Secure Label Work? Ask Victoria.

In this video, you will find out how the Dana Secure label works and how to authenticate Victor Reinz products with an app scan.

Victoria shows the individual steps of the authenticity check, the benefits of the Dana Secure label and sticker and why it always pays off to scan the QR code with the Dana Secure App.

Victoria Checking the Authenticity of REINZOSIL-t:

Victoria Checking the Authenticity of Sealing Products:

Package Design and Recognizing Counterfeits

You can also find further images and more detailed descriptions of our latest and previous Victor Reinz packages on our website.

Only genuine Victor Reinz products ensure maximum product quality and the impressive performance you’re used to.

The Dana Secure label gives you even more effective protection from product piracy and counterfeits.

Download the Dana Secure App now.